Where is it? Uh-oh!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you know you CAN’T have lost what you may have just, in fact, lost?  Something so important that the chance that it may be lost forces your brain into instant damage control mode and begins thinking about excuses and ways to fix the situation immediately.  Well, I know the feeling… I’ve been there a few times, as I’m sure most of us have… In this case, it was the company credit card…

I do not have my own credit card (with the company paying) but I have to make purchases sometimes.  I end up borrowing one of the other admins’ cards.  Pretty standard fare as far as I am concerned.  Keeps me from being liable for any crazy purchases or having it stolen along with my wallet.  After making said purchases, the card is normally returned the next day.  In theory, this works, but sometimes our paths don’t cross immediately after and I’ve never been one to just leave something like a credit card unattended on someone’s desk, inbox, or even under their door.  I would just hate for the last thing I say to be “I promise I put it in your desk!”  Not me…

In this particular situation, I had gone to Lowe’s to purchase some items and install them the next day.  It was actually two days later when I opened the bag from Lowe’s and stumbled upon the card.  Uh-oh.  I’ve already forgotten I even had it at this point.  So, now, my mind doesn’t know where the card belongs to make sure I don’t forget it again.  It didn’t exist up to 5 minutes ago!  Well, I smartly put it in my pocket.  Surely I wouldn’t lose my pants, right?  I have to go in the pockets many, many times a day for keys if nothing else.  I’ll remember.  Fast forward through the day and I get in my car and leave…. The next morning, I remember the card.  I just remembered I needed to check on it before I headed back to the office because I would certainly deliver it then.  Hand in pocket… nothing.  NOTHING!  Mind racing, I realize there actually is something in my pocket as I check again.  A single, but sizable hole.  Oh no!  It dropped out of my pocket, but where?!?  I would easily have missed something like that sliding out, but it could have literally been anywhere inside the last office and my home… from surfside to 82nd… oh man…

I decide to get started by driving to 82nd, where it most likely was considering I had my pants on the whole time I was working there… Also, I couldn’t remember another place that I had seen it… Long drive ahead considering I needed to be in Conway already and I was on the way to the far end of MB… Going to be a long day… On the way, I decided to check in my car… You know, in case I put it somewhere else that I wouldn’t forget… Well, I reached beside my seats and found nothing… nothing in the trunk nor glove compartment… ugh, but it’s gotta be at 82nd… Ok, nothing has changed… calm down… On a whim, I reached my hand behind the seat into the rear area and my hand hit something… I already knew what it was…

I had a moment that I wish I could recreate a thousand times a day… That same racing mind that was filling up with dread and excuses earlier filled just as quickly with the feeling of elation that you gain from breaking down a wall or accomplishing a big goal.  Then, a rush of blood to the head that forces a big smile even though you are the only one that will see it.  I had found the card and rendered useless all the terror I was looking forward to experiencing.  I changed course and the day continued on as it should.  I came to work and handed the card over as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, I forgot you had that!”


~ by oldirtdog on October 26, 2011.

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